03 February 2013 @ 03:19 pm
from tumblr: handwriting meme!  
Because I like showing off my handwriting. :D

1. Handwrite your name.
2. Handwrite your Tumblr URL.
3. Handwrite your blog title.
4. Handwrite your Tumblr crushes.
5. Handwrite your favorite season of the year.
6. Handwrite what color shirt your wearing right now.
7. Handwrite your favorite actresses and actors.
8. Handwrite your favorite TV shows.
9. Handwrite your favorite bands/singers.
10. Handwrite your favorite songs.
11. Handwrite your favorite number.
12. Handwrite the country you currently live in.
13. Handwrite the country you were born in.
14. Handwrite “hello”.
15. Handwrite your name in the hand that you do NOT normally use.
16. Handwrite 3 words that sum you up.
17. Handwrite the first 10 words that come to mind.
18. Handwrite a message to your followers.
19. Handwrite my url
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05 January 2013 @ 07:08 pm
Dollhouse rewatch later (Echoes and Needs), plus a meme from tumblr  
Dollhouse Rewatch is 5 PM Eastern. I hope you can join us. Hee.

Took this meme from tumblr because of reasons--

Stick a Number & a Fandom in my Ask & I will make a 6-10 cap picspam from Screencaps That Get My Photoshop Senses Tingling*.

Faceless (caps where the subjects face is not visible)
Looking Down (caps where the subject is looking down)
Bruised & Battered (gore & damage: caps where the subject is banged up)
Up Close & Personal (screencaps where the subject is in close up)
Scenerygasm (the subject of these caps is the dominant scenery)
Full Body Shot(s) (caps where the subjects full body is in the shot)
Colours Abound (caps with great colouring even before editing)
Silhouettes (the subject should be in silhouette)
My Emotions (caps where the subject is displaying strong emotion)
the Space (the focus of these caps is interesting use of space [often negative])
Light! (caps with great base lighting, even before editing)
Tickles My Pickle (whatever tickles my pickle. though this is also innuendo and you’ll probably get a picspam of sex/shirtless screencaps)

30 June 2012 @ 08:22 pm
'Guest Starring:' Meme: Tricia Helfer in Dollhouse  

“Addie.” The leggy blonde greets her as she approaches her office desk. “I see someone has already served you your tea.”

Adelle doesn’t say anything and merely smiles in response.

“I’ve heard about what happened to your House.” she says with obvious insincerity, “It was quite the shocker.”

Adelle sets down her tea and leans forward, “Let’s do away with pleasantries, Miranda.” She answers, still with a smile on her face, “I supposed Harding informed you why I’m here.”

Miranda shakes her head, “He actually didn’t. Is this what the head of the LA Dollhouse is doing at the moment? Running errands for Harding?”

Adelle raises a brow.

Miranda leans on her desk and crosses her arms across her chest, “It must have been painful, discovering that your faithful lapdog wasn’t as loyal as you had thought. How’s the security of your House these days?”


Guest Star Meme | Tricia Helfer as Miranda Taymor, Head of the Manhattan Dollhouse | requested by derevko


Give me more actors for the Guest Starring: Meme! (Just give me an actor and/or a show, and I'll invent some guest characters for them. Leave them in the comments or in my tumblr. Hee)
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14 April 2012 @ 11:54 am
I can't decide whether to stay for the 12th apocalypse on whedonland. I have a few more hours to think about staying because the deadline for the membership thing is tomorrow -_-

Oh, and let me transport this Tumblr meme because my finals end on Monday and I'm going to have time to actually do some stuff on photoshop.

Leave me two or more actors and I will come up with a graphic/poster and synopsis for a fake film (or, you know, a show or mini series or something)!

15 March 2012 @ 02:14 pm
Whooo, meme  
Snagged from [ profile] irony_rocks

Ask me a question about one of my fanfics or fanfic series. It can be absolutely anything in any fic and I will tell you the honest-to-goddess answer (even on the progress/plans for next chapters of current series).

Don’t hold back. Whatever you ask, I'll answer as truthfully and as completely as possible. You can also ask about my writing as a whole, if you like.

Also, I'm more active with updating [ profile] oliviawilliams than the Fuck Yeah blogs I'm modding. Heh.
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23 February 2012 @ 12:36 pm
Ten Days of Dollhouse - Day 1 - Favorite Female Character  
Guess who?

I would no sooner allow you near one of our other Actives as I would a mad dog near a child, given that you’re a raping scumbag one tick shy of a murderer. I can’t recall do you take sugar?

(2.04, Belonging)

600x800 | tumblr
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17 December 2011 @ 03:24 pm
One meme at a time  
So, only two people answered the 'Relate Me' meme (you know, the one where you ask what show/actor/word/icon/etc do I remind you of?), and here are the answers. :D

TV Show: Better Off Ted, Dollhouse, Alias
Character: Adelle DeWitt
Pairing: DeWitt/Dominic
Actor/Actress: Olivia Williams, Reed Diamond
Colour: Pink
Food/Drink: Taco (Tuesday), strawberry ice cream

Website/community: [ profile] dewitt_dominic
The first word you think of when you think of me: photoshop, artsy

Hugs to [ profile] shi_naynay and [ profile] leanstein

Will be doing the fic meme when I finish writing my case digests. (100+ case digests. Do I actually think I'll finish writing them? No. Who am I kidding. But Iiiiiiiiii'll try.)
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16 December 2011 @ 05:11 pm
Snagged from [ profile] dollsome

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Finals are done and only one paper (Legal Ethics) left to do. I passed my Labor Relations exam :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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06 December 2011 @ 10:43 pm
Snagged from [ profile] shi_naynay

TV Show:
The first word you think of when you think of me:

Imma screen the comments. Let the crazy begin. Muaha.

I'm tempted to make that domesticity meme floating around tumblr, but I'm prone to overthinking these things, so... probably not. Heh.
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18 November 2011 @ 01:17 pm
The Fic DVD Commentary Meme: "We Came by Night to the Fortunate Isles..."  
We Came by Night to the Fortunate Isles And Lay Like Fish, requested by [ profile] darling_ashes

Warning: I wrote a lot of words. 1800-word word vomit. I tried to make it as entertaining as possible. )
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17 November 2011 @ 09:27 pm
I am bored so here, have a meme  
Snagged from [ profile] dollsome

Tell me:
1.) Which fictional character I remind you of.
2.) What fictional character you ship me with.

I'm also still doing the fic dvd commentary meme Drop a fic (any fic. AU fic. Whatever)

I am still pursuing that goal of finishing at least one fic in my WIP folder (I am looking at you, my failed het_bb fic)
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15 November 2011 @ 10:58 pm
Just realized that 'Someone Like You' is a great song to use as a lipsynch-for-your-life song  
even though I can't actually relate to the song's ~heartbreak. Lol. (and look who's been watching too much RuPaul's Drag Race)

Snagged from [ profile] dollsome - The Fic DVD Commentary Meme:

If you've ever watched your favorite dvds, and then found yourself eager to hear exactly what the actors, directors, writers and even production designers thought about making the episode, the movie, or whatever - you'll know sometimes the best parts of dvds are hearing the commentaries. Getting into an actor's feelings about the character they play, getting the background behind a writer's plans and metaphors, even just getting the stupid anecdotal stuff that makes you laugh, it's all good.

Ask me about any story, and I'll do a DVD commentary for it! Satisfy your curiosity!

My (unattainable) goal for the remaining days of this year: finish at least one of the fics in my WIP folder. :|
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29 October 2011 @ 12:26 am
This is a bit early for halloween, but...  

Better Off Ted as a Zombie Apocalypse
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28 October 2011 @ 03:42 pm
snagged from a lot of people  
let's make fun of ourselves!

wtf happened to the font?! )

Remember that fic meme I posted where I post 3 lines of fic for every prompt? I'm thinking of making a graphic instead for them instead (which would also end up with fic, cos that's how I roll...). So... yeah.

Augh, this font. U G L Y
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15 August 2011 @ 10:17 am
Snagged from everybody!  
If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach. —Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do readers immediately look for?
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22 July 2011 @ 11:59 am
Oh, my heart. I'm so bored  
Anybody want to try out this Multi-fandom Suit & Uniform Kink Meme. Alias, Dollhouse, BSG... anyone? Anyone?

Ooh, RD twitpic'ed something Dollhouse-related. Haha vintage Dollhouse stuff

In law school news, I was disappointed with my grade for Consti 1, but all is well. I think.

Oh, oh, and I'm like, 500 words into my [ profile] het_bigbang fic. haha.
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14 June 2011 @ 10:03 pm
Posting so many fandom things right now  
You might think that I'm not studying or anything (like what happened the first time I went to law school...). I am studying (truly, I really am. Still struggling with Constitution 1, but... yeah. I'm getting the hang of this law school thing), except now I've gotten sick because apparently, rainy day + only sleeping for 2 hours = instant head cold. :|

Anywho, got this from Tumblr, figured I can put this here on lj too--

Choose up to four (or less) actors/actresses and put their names in my askbox comments. I’ll put my music player on shuffle and whatever song pops up, I’ll create a graphic and a film synopsis for it.

Do it. I want to see how many times OW and RD appears. Muaha.

My tags are very misleading.
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07 June 2011 @ 09:44 pm
Because I stalk the members' page of the comms I mod--  
Snagged from [ profile] meridian_rose

So, derevko_child, your LiveJournal reveals…

You are… 1% unique, 27% peculiar, 41% interesting, 17% normal and 13% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy talking). When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are wary of trusting strangers. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is simplistic.

Your overall weirdness is: 17

(The average level of weirdness is: 28.
You are weirder than 37% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

Lol, popular.

Also, I computed this. Why is it only 99%? :|
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06 May 2011 @ 12:16 pm
from [ profile] sunshine_queen and [ profile] dollsome

Name me a character! I will tell you:
* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

I was planning to go to school to pay for the reservation fee at 9 AM. But I'm still at home and it's now 12.15 PM. Eh. Enrollment's next Saturday.
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19 April 2011 @ 08:30 pm

Dear Anon,

Thank you. I'm happy that my posts make your day. And that you think I'm funny. I always think that everyone sees me as this hyperactive fangirl who posts way too many things in her journal livejournal.

Thanks again.

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