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derevko_child ([personal profile] derevko_child) wrote on May 16th, 2012 at 03:07 pm
Whedonland fic: A Different Strategy; pg
Written for [ profile] whedonland's What If? Challenge

A Different Strategy Everything that had happened the past few days will be pinned on her defiance of Rossum’s orders not to interfere. | gen; 299 words; PG

Senator Daniel Perrin has died in a car accident which also killed his wife and five other people. Police confirm that the man who caused the accident fell asleep behind the wheel and is now in custody. The Rossum Corporation…”

Adelle DeWitt puts the television on mute when she hears her office doors open.

“Echo’s been found. Ballard’s bringing her back here as we speak.” Langton’s voice rings loud and clear in the room.

DeWitt nods her head and looks back at the screen. The news is showing the site of the accident that supposedly killed Daniel Perrin. Topher failed to shut down the assassin imprint on time—Echo killed Perrin before Rossum’s extraction team could subdue him.

“What do you suggest we do next, Mr. Langton?” she asks. Everything that had happened the past few days will be pinned on her defiance of Rossum’s orders not to interfere.

“Pack our bags and run to the hills.” Langton replies.

DeWitt stares at him and raises a brow.

“Or we could stay and wait for the firestorm that’s going to arrive.”

She takes a deep breath and sits on her chair. She did not know what to expect when she resisted Harding’s orders—she never expected something like this (which was quite naïve of her).

Uncomfortable silence settles between the two as Langton waits for her instructions. Truth be told, she doesn’t know what to do.

Ma’am, do you have an exit strategy?

DeWitt clenches her jaw and glances back at Langton. She’s going to take whatever punishment the higher-ups would give her, but she’s not going to throw Echo to the wolves.

“Call Ballard. Tell him to lose Echo on the way back to the House.”

Langton waits for a beat before nodding his head and leaving the room.
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