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Fic Meme - Dewitt/Dominic, 'Three Days'; PG-13
For [ profile] dollsome, who gave the prompt, "DeWitt/Dominic, the plot of Three Days" in this meme.

Also, I couldn't decide whether to set it in the Dollhouse 'verse, Epitaph 'verse. So I decided to completely make it an Alternate Universe (because ya know, angels and Dollhouse don't really mix)

Three Days - Five hours after her husband’s death, a homeless man tells her that she’ll be given a chance to be with him again. 756 words

Five hours after her husband’s death, a homeless man tells her that she’ll be given a chance to be with him again.

Adelle was too damn exhausted to pay any attention to the man (much less believe him), and promptly asks the doorman to make him leave.

She comes home to an empty apartment and the first sight that greets her is the lopsided Christmas tree, still with its lights on. It took up almost all her energy not to start weeping in the middle of the living room.

The thought of how she’ll be able to survive the following days stays in her mind as she drifts off to sleep.


Adelle wakes up to ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ blaring from the alarm clock (he never had the need for it; he always wakes up before the alarm but he also always had it on as a “just in case”). She turns it off before crawling out of bed. The funeral arrangements still need to be finalized.

She tries not to think about yesterday. She’s not going to allow grief to paralyze her; not right now.

She makes her way to the kitchen when she hears the front door being opened.

Fear fills her. She lost her husband yesterday and she becomes a victim of a home invasion today. God must really hate her.

Quickly, she reaches for the fireplace poker but before she could find a hiding place, the front door opens and she hears familiar footsteps coming in.

Adelle stiffens and her breath catches in her throat. A second later, a very alive Laurence Dominic walks in, carrying a brown paper bag.

She blinks, “Laurence?” she whispers.

“Hey.” He greets, giving her a small smile as he deposits the bag on top of the counter.

She doesn’t move. This… isn’t possible.

He stares at her while he takes off his gloves, “You okay?” he asks in concern when she stays frozen on the spot.

She can’t find her voice to answer him.

“Adelle?” he approaches and takes the fire poker from her hand. He cups her face, his brows furrowed, “What’s wrong?”

Tears burn the back of her eyes and she nods her head, “Just a dream.” She tells him, “A nightmare,” she buries her head on his chest and clings to him.

Laurence doesn’t say anything. He merely wraps his arms around her and waits.

She doesn’t know what this is. Yesterday felt very real.

Adelle pulls away slightly and looks at his face. He gives her an uncertain smile and brushes a strand of hair away from her face.

She leans in and gives him a deep kiss while tugging the scarf from his neck. A low rumble escapes Laurence’s throat and his hands drop to her waist.

“Why are you wearing so many clothes?” she asks, pushing his coat off his shoulders.

“Because it’s cold outside.” He answers. He smirks when she rolls her eyes in response before kissing her again. He runs his fingers through her hair and draws her closer to him.

“The bedroom’s quite warm.” She murmurs and pulls him towards the direction of their room.

“Sounds excellent.”


They lay naked under the covers, their arms and legs, entangled. Adelle rests her head on top of his chest. His breathing is even, and she could feel the steady beat of his heart under her cheek.

She sighs as he lazily draws circles on her back

“So,” he starts after a few minutes of silence, “how did I die in your nightmare?”

She lifts her head up and finds him looking at her curiously. Yesterday’s memories flooded her and she tries to block them out, fearing that it might come true. “It was just a ridiculous dream.”

“It upset you.” He points out, “You should have seen your face a while ago; you were as white as a sheet.”

Adelle closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, “You got shot twice. The doctors tried saving you, but you died anyway. And we had an awful fight before that…” she trails off.

She opens her eyes and looks at him “It all felt very real.” she says, finally

His face softens and he touches her cheek, “Adelle DeWitt, I’ll never die on you.” He states and gives her a reassuring smile.

As soon as he said those words, a feeling of dread descends on her. Adelle smiles back at him, but she can’t help but feel that something is afoot and the joke is probably on her.

Merry Christmas, my friends!
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