04 November 2011 @ 02:58 pm
Modly update-y stuff  
+ Enver Gjokaj guested on last night's ep of Person of Interest. If you didn't know this and want to watch it, run (don't walk) to [ profile] enverfans because it's in there... if you're a member. ;)

+ And since I know that my flisters watched Legend of the Seeker, Bridget Regan's going to guest star. No word yet when it's going to be shown. But there are already set pics floating about and she has red hair.

+ Also, Enver's confirmed to be joining Lust for Love, so... gotta put that up in the comm for the peeps who would want to give more money for Enver (they reached the goal of 70k... they're at 80k, and counting... 7 days to go) | *cough* *cough*

+ Posted our first look of Olivia Williams as Eleanor Roosevelt at [ profile] oliviawilliams. One of the pics also have Laura Linney, so... there. It's members-locked, though. But... yeah. There are a few new articles (written by her) in the comm to, so check it out.

+ Reed Diamond was a giant pink bunny last Halloween. This is here, because I don't have ~real modly update for the RD comm. Lol. (unless you're into H:LoTS, here's the rest of the HQ H:LoTS cast pics)

+ I leave you be with a vid featuring Fran and Dichen

Part 2

I will now go and wonder if I should start watching American Horror Story or Once Upon a Time
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23 July 2011 @ 10:50 pm
I managed to post in 4/5 comms that I maintain. I'm also supposed to be answering my take home exam  
+ Enver's pilot, Eden, wasn't picked up by USA. Curse you, TV gods. You are fools.

+ [ profile] rogoblue posted a podcast with Reed @ [ profile] reeddiamond. Download it if you can because it's JUST. SO. AWESOME.

+ Posted a transcript of the Dollhouse/Dominic/DeWitt-Dominic bits of the podcast @ [ profile] dewitt_dominic

+ Do you want to see Olivia Williams wearing a blonde wig? Check this out @ [ profile] oliviawilliams; if you're not a member, trawl around tumblr.

+ Posted Franklin and Bash ep promo pics. I forgot where to get other high-res pics, though. My handy-dandy Russian website isn't so handy-dandy anymore
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28 June 2011 @ 10:58 am
Franklin and Bash - 1.04 mini gifspam  

So, Franklin and Bash put a pool table inside Damien's office and held a party and made sure that when they get caught, they'd have a reason for it (erm, Damien's ~50th surprise birthday was not his birthday. Nor was he fifty). Anywho, Damien tells everybody to go back to work and Franklin, in response, tells Damien that in their battle to woo Hanna, he's pulling ahead of him (Damien) because he (Franklin) knows how to have fun.

Damien responds with his "O RLY" face and borrows Bash's guitar.

4 gifs inside where Damien shows off his guitar skillz )
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07 May 2011 @ 03:24 pm
I've been meaning to share this for a few days now, but I've been spamming  
+ Clearly, one of the best things ever in the whole wide world. Seriously. A Capella version of Bear McCreary's arrangement of All Along the Watchtower? Even Bear McCreary's impressed.

+ I found some Olivia Williams-related things, thanks to my google-fu skillz. I will probably have to reiterate the 'no posting of links elsewhere' and then add, 'or else I'll hunt you down and make your life a living hell.' or something like that. IDK anymore. Gods.

+ I'm tempted to make an fyeahreeddiamond on tumblr. But IDK guys. IDK.

Aaaaaaand this post was brought to you by the letters I, D and k.
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12 January 2011 @ 01:40 pm
Fangirly stuff!  
+ First things first: Nothing but a glee thang with Heather Morris, Matthew Morrison and Sofia Vergara. THIS JUST BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES. Oh, Sofia Vergara. That track suit + heels = magnificence.

+ I found this Russian website where they have high-res pics of TV shows. I found some HQ pics of Reed from his Homicide days. I may or may not have died in a puddle of fangirly glee.

+ However, my ModFam dream had somehow warped my reality quite a bit because I found myself looking for promo stills of the Reed Diamond/Olivia Williams episode for a few minutes. Oh, brain. What are you doing to me.

+ I'm gonna get my Dollhouse s2 DVD in two weeks. I am excite <3

+ Olivia reads two excerpts from the King James Version of the bible for the BBC. I don't want to listen to it due to the fear of bursting into flames in my seat during the middle of the podcast... but it's Olivia Williams. Also, I do not know the difference between the King James Version vs NRSV (the version we were required to have when I was in grade/high school), except that the KJV was translated by English scholars and was commissioned by the Church of England. I also don't know whether they're used by Protestants and Catholics, although it's the bible, so I'm guessing it's used by both...

+ I leave you be with a picture of Reed during his years in Juilliard. This is him being trained in stage fighting... which told me that he could have totally gone all sword-fighting on Dollhouse

+ Oh, and [ profile] dewitt_dominic and [ profile] reeddiamond both totally need a new layout. Can someone hook me up with some pretty layouts?
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09 January 2011 @ 02:08 pm
I'm doing a lot of these bullet-point entries  
+ Last night, I killed two cockroaches in the sink using a cap-full of Lysol. Which was an overkill, but it was just so satisfying to see them moving and then not moving after terrifying me to wakefulness by flying around the kitchen at 2 in the morning.

+ The National Society of Film Critics awarded Olivia for best supporting actress for The Ghost Writer. Congratulations, you awesome woman you

+ Finished the mood theme set and I've finally used it. Will be uploading it in a few minutes at [ profile] dewitt_dominic ETA: Here it is!.

And here's the entire mood set, if you're interested (it probably has an inside joke or two)--

Who knew that the elevator scene in 1x06 can yield so many emotions?

+ I'm trying to start on another fic for [ profile] au_bingo but The Senator's Son AU is distracting me to bits. Not to mention the stuff on my Tumblr dashboard had enabled me make an ~artwork out of Dominic/Prewett asking DeWitt out on a date. What. Even.

+ I want to eat cake. Or ice cream. Murr.
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08 January 2011 @ 10:45 am
Modly stuff!  
+ Enver's gonna guest star in Community; spoilers in this link

+ Reed just lost his love interest in Franklin and Bash, so here's to hoping Tricia Helfer filling up that spot if only for just one ep.

+ Olivia Williams is awesome, as always.
04 November 2010 @ 12:18 pm
I have a great start for fangirling today  
- My Yahoo! Alerts for Reed finally worked! He's going to lend his voice for Cartoon Network's Firebreather, an adaptation of a comic series (by Marvel?) of the same name. I posted more info at [ profile] reeddiamond (with a BAMF picture of the character he's going to voice and (ETA)videos. REED'S CHARACTER IS A BAMF, YO. Lordy)

- Olivia Williams is out and about this past couple of weeks-- I think this is her agent's way of creating buzz for the Awards circuit. I, for one, am not complaining. The only thing I don't like? I have 32 new pictures (which I'm totally hoarding) and all of them are in MQ. Like, seriously. But then, her being adorable with her husband totally makes up for it. I'll be posting the pics... sometime in the future. I still don't have MQ versions of the event where she's all ~formal and regal.
18 September 2010 @ 02:15 pm
I smell spaghetti... hmm, spaghetti  
+ I made a poll about the fourth bullet point in this entry at [ profile] dewitt_dominic. Check it out.

+ I am spamming everybody about Olivia's guest spot in Terriers. I've yet to watch the show, but I will watch it before the 22nd (or maybe not, since I'm downloading and watching Rubicon)

+ I've watched the first episode of Rubicon. It is a pretty show. James Badge Dale's nose is still big, though.

+ I posted some stuff in [ profile] reeddiamond -
Journeyman HQ promo pics
Franklin and Bash MQ pics

+ The Dollhouse s2 dvd will be released on October 12th, with an accompanying post Epitaph One/Two comic book, written by Jed Whedon and Mo Tancharoen. I believe one of the guys on the cover is Dominic (the guy was wearing suit, for crying out loud!). I am afraid for the D/D ship.

+ I am kinda obsessed with Tumblr. IDK how or why.

+ Rubicon wallpaper (1366x768... I can resize this if you want)

+ Also, GIP
16 May 2010 @ 09:53 pm
My life is bo-ring.  
Augh, being computer-less is awful. And apparently, it's not just my motherboard's that fucked up-- one of my memory card slots is defective, so instead of having 2.5 GB of RAM, I'll only have 2 GB. Craptastic

In fandom news:

- Reed's pilot has been picked up TNT (the pilot was done for TBS, but TNT picked it up. The change in network also means that there's a change in genre too. Instead of it being a legal comedy, it's now a legal drama. Crap. Dude from Raising the Bar's like, one of the leads-- Raising the Bar was cancelled by TNT after two horribly rated seasons)

- Fran was fired from Friends with Benefits. *sighs* I was cheering for NBC for cancelling Heroes and picking up FwB, but they fire Fran and I was all, :((( Fuck NBC.

I am also sharing [ profile] dollsome's nostalgia bug for Dollhouse, but alas, I don't have the time for a rewatch as of yet (computer-less, augh). Although after watching The Kid (with Bruce Willis, Emily Mortimer and Spencer Breslin), I suddenly had a Dollhouse/The Kid plot bunny starring a chubby-cheeked, eight-year-old Laurence Dominic. LAWLZ. Too cute for words.

Hmm... that is all. :S

Gods, I want my computer back and well.
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