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2014-01-31 05:22 pm

(Really) Love Actually: The Dollhouse Romantic Comedy

This is for [ profile] dollsome

Love is all around us.

That's certainly true, especially in the Los Angeles Dollhouse. It's a little bit more complicated of course, being an illegal organization using mind-wipe technology. Not to mention the fact that there's an undercover boss, a lot of science than two people can handle, morally repugnant clients, a work husband cheating on his work wife with the NSA, glitching Actives, inept FBI agents, inept Handlers, Actives falling in love with each other, a psycho with 40 people in his head with a crush, and maybe an apocalypse... yep, just an ordinary love-filled day in the Dollhouse. | TUMBLRRRR LINK
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2013-09-14 07:34 pm

per episode photoset - dollhouse 1.05 - true believer

I don't know how I feel about this. I like the solo Adelle one, idk about the rest lol

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2013-09-13 12:22 pm

per episode photoset - hannibal - 1.01

I've decided to start on the Will/Alana photoset because why not. lol

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2013-08-19 11:30 pm

Per episode photoset - 1.04 - even moar colors!


Can anybody give me a list of all the RomCom-themed D/D fics (all fics with the romcom trope)? I can only recite three in my head and two of them are 'The Proposal' AUs lol. Thanks in advance :DDDD
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2013-08-13 10:46 am

my productivity in fandom is inversely proportionate to my productivity in law school by finals time

tumblr photoset

I've decided to do this "100 posts to 5000" where I make well, 100 fartsy things until I reach 5000 posts on tumblr (I did it once before, but it was just 55 and it took me around 10 years to finish). It would probably be easier this time around because I have several themes, e.g. three "50 pics of person i fangirl", "per episode photoset", etc (etc meaning i am going to make this up as i go along. Although I'm planning to make a list of all romcom-themed DeWitt/Dominic fics and making a picspam out of them idk)

If you're interested in the fartsy things I'm doing: 50 Pics of Caroline Dhavernas | 50 Pics of Reed Diamond | 50 Pics of Olivia Williams | 100 to 5000
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2013-06-25 12:29 pm

oh god the hannibal finale

So I made something fartsy because that's how I cope with things like that (I also have fic but y'all know I write a snail's pace so that would probably see the light of day on September idk lol)

Tumblr: Will | Alana

Aaaaaand I'm getting flashbacks to the 10 days of Dollhouse because this was also how I made the artsy things for DeWitt and Dominic-- DeWitt with circles and Dominic with squares/rectangles :|
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2013-05-07 09:24 pm

Hannibal: Meta + fartsy stuff

Graphics first!

under the cut: something made of crack and a shippy fartsy thing )

I originally posted the (crappy) meta on my tumblr, but I'll x-post it here for posterity :D

Alana, Hannibal and “the mongoose under the house when the snake slipped by”

So this post (Alana might not being what she appears) got me thinking about Alana’s story arc in the next few episodes of Hannibal. The idea that Alana is tied to Lecter’s quote about Will being, “the mongoose under the house when the snake slipped by” is really interesting. As of the moment, however, I think Alana isn’t the snake to Will’s mongoose (as of yet), but going with the previously linked post, I think we can say that - metaphorically speaking - Alana is a snake.

I tried meta. I don't know what happened to it. If this was a school paper, I'd get a barely passing mark )
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2012-12-13 10:32 pm

[fartsy] DeWitt/Dominic + James Bond fusion AU

tumblr link

Rule number one: nothing is what it seems.

It’s the first rule you learn in the world of espionage. What you see is never what you get. You scratch the surface and peel the layers. Making an assumption about someone – a mark, a contact, a fellow agent – is the worst mistake one could ever make. You might as well dive headfirst to your death.

He thinks it’s appropriate that it’s the first rule he breaks the first time he meets James Bond.
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2012-08-07 05:26 pm

"You'd think I'd show you mercy? Or rage?--

by my side. I'd think you'd know me better than that (Tumblrrrr)

I miss these two.

ETA-- I just realized that I .gif'ed moments where you don't really see their faces clearly? But from their movements and the way they're framed, you'd know it's them. Because. UGH. GREATEST PAIRING EVER.
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2012-07-03 12:44 pm

I tied for first place for this little beauty

Actually tied for first place with only three entries for the category. Apparently, [ profile] whedonland wants to imitate some parts of my life as closely as it can.
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2012-06-30 08:22 pm

'Guest Starring:' Meme: Tricia Helfer in Dollhouse

“Addie.” The leggy blonde greets her as she approaches her office desk. “I see someone has already served you your tea.”

Adelle doesn’t say anything and merely smiles in response.

“I’ve heard about what happened to your House.” she says with obvious insincerity, “It was quite the shocker.”

Adelle sets down her tea and leans forward, “Let’s do away with pleasantries, Miranda.” She answers, still with a smile on her face, “I supposed Harding informed you why I’m here.”

Miranda shakes her head, “He actually didn’t. Is this what the head of the LA Dollhouse is doing at the moment? Running errands for Harding?”

Adelle raises a brow.

Miranda leans on her desk and crosses her arms across her chest, “It must have been painful, discovering that your faithful lapdog wasn’t as loyal as you had thought. How’s the security of your House these days?”


Guest Star Meme | Tricia Helfer as Miranda Taymor, Head of the Manhattan Dollhouse | requested by derevko


Give me more actors for the Guest Starring: Meme! (Just give me an actor and/or a show, and I'll invent some guest characters for them. Leave them in the comments or in my tumblr. Hee)
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2012-06-12 02:32 pm

My goal in life is to prettify your flist

D is for Distance (Professional or Otherwise)
tumblrrrr link

LJ's scrapbook is still a mess. My creys.
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2012-05-24 10:19 am

I-I love you like DeWitt/Dom, baby

It didn't take me long to start changing the lyrics to the song. lol.

tumblrrrr link

Took me long enough to post this. Heh.
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2012-05-14 11:24 am

won 4th place for this thing

And tied with [ profile] entwashian


So... yes. At least I'll be able to post the D/D thing that I did with the same design. :D
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2012-05-12 11:07 am

This is an Avengers graphics post (sorry, Will)

Testing this graphic here first because... IDK. This is a new fandom and I'm trying out a somewhat new style

Master assassins who are a couple

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2012-05-10 01:03 pm

taking a break from all the Avengers reblogs


Fartsy things triggered by [ profile] whedonland's graphics challenge (or basically, anything that forces me to open up photoshop)

I also found hq pics of the Avengers stills, so there's basically nothing that's stopping me from making something fartsy for my shiny new ship them.
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2012-04-23 10:42 pm

The Tumblr Fake Movie Meme: Broken Empty Promises

requested by entwashian | tumblrrrr link

BROKEN EMPTY PROMISES — Adam (Victor Garber) has not seen or heard from his daughter after walking out on his family almost thirty years ago. He had remade himself as a vintner - and quite a popular one at that - but that success will never be able to erase the fact that he was a horrible husband, and an even horrible father. So it was quite a shock when, almost a year ago, his ex-wife reached out to him to make peace. But before that peace could extend to their daughter, his ex-wife dies.

Three months after her mother’s death, Laura (Olivia Williams) discovers an email from her father, inviting her mother to visit his vineyard in California. Though angry at her late mother for doing such a thing (the man abandoned them, for crying out loud!), curiosity wins over that anger. She takes a much-deserved leave from work, and takes her nine-year-old son on a short vacation in California. She doesn’t know what to expect but what she knows is that she’s going to try to close a very painful chapter in her life.