23 April 2012 @ 10:42 pm
The Tumblr Fake Movie Meme: Broken Empty Promises  

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BROKEN EMPTY PROMISES — Adam (Victor Garber) has not seen or heard from his daughter after walking out on his family almost thirty years ago. He had remade himself as a vintner - and quite a popular one at that - but that success will never be able to erase the fact that he was a horrible husband, and an even horrible father. So it was quite a shock when, almost a year ago, his ex-wife reached out to him to make peace. But before that peace could extend to their daughter, his ex-wife dies.

Three months after her mother’s death, Laura (Olivia Williams) discovers an email from her father, inviting her mother to visit his vineyard in California. Though angry at her late mother for doing such a thing (the man abandoned them, for crying out loud!), curiosity wins over that anger. She takes a much-deserved leave from work, and takes her nine-year-old son on a short vacation in California. She doesn’t know what to expect but what she knows is that she’s going to try to close a very painful chapter in her life.
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28 March 2009 @ 07:13 pm
Garber and Chenoweth joining the cast of Fox's new musicomedy, "Glee"

Victor Garber and Kristin Chenoweth in one show?! COUNT ME IN! I hope they get to sing together. lol
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