14 August 2013 @ 12:06 pm
100 to 5000 - per episode photoset - dollhouse - 1.02  


And other stuff (finally started with the 50 pics of Olivia Williams lol):

50 pics of Caroline Dhavernas | 50 pics of Reed Diamond | 50 pics of Olivia Williams | per photoset
30 November 2012 @ 12:25 pm
lord almighty, help  

jfc. this is hot. I was able to watch this episode and his character died from dengue and I was all, 'lol'. BUT LORDY. HE WAS HOT IN THIS EPISODE. He was an actual Indiana Jones in that ep and ugh. hot.
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27 August 2012 @ 12:32 pm
If you want a summary of all the stuff of OW and RD's projects, check out this entry at [ profile] dewitt_dominic. It is time for the irregular updates post in the comm. Lol.
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27 March 2012 @ 09:40 am
It was only a matter of time before I made this--  

Mockingjay (fan) Casting:
Reed Diamond as Boggs

tumblrrr link

As I said, it's never too early to start these things for the third book.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be late for my (extra) class. heh.
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23 December 2011 @ 02:14 pm
'Three Days' - a commentary  
So, I watched Reed Diamond's Christmas movie last night (Three Days) with Kristin Davis and Tim Meadows. It was... loltastic, to say the least. I did sort of a liveblogging thing and it's just... let's just say, this would have been a better snarky experience if you have someone watching it with you. hahahahaha

This commentary is long. But quite entertaining. I say stop being prissy Charlotte! a lot )

To sum it all up:

Heh. Happy Holidays, y'all.
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29 November 2011 @ 11:51 am
Reed Diamond. You and your ridiculous face. What. (+ Enver community updates)  
At [ profile] leanstein's prodding, I made some Reed-related things. Sort of. 4 gifs from a video I found and downloaded yesterday. Heh (I also made a Laurence Dominic fartsy thing, but I'll be posting the tumblr link later because it doesn't really... fit in this entry).

video interview | gif set (@tumblr)

Updated [ profile] enverfans with things, like his official website! Also, new layout + header and a new userinfo!

check out the new layout | or how about that userinfo?

Enver uploaded 8 minutes of footage from Eden (remember that epic show that never was? Where he was going to play a con-man and have an un-scifi, un-squicky version of Dollhouse in a sense that they get what the rich patrons of the hotel want? That SHOW) in the clips section of the website, so... yes. Go and take a look.
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04 November 2011 @ 02:58 pm
Modly update-y stuff  
+ Enver Gjokaj guested on last night's ep of Person of Interest. If you didn't know this and want to watch it, run (don't walk) to [ profile] enverfans because it's in there... if you're a member. ;)

+ And since I know that my flisters watched Legend of the Seeker, Bridget Regan's going to guest star. No word yet when it's going to be shown. But there are already set pics floating about and she has red hair.

+ Also, Enver's confirmed to be joining Lust for Love, so... gotta put that up in the comm for the peeps who would want to give more money for Enver (they reached the goal of 70k... they're at 80k, and counting... 7 days to go) | *cough* *cough*

+ Posted our first look of Olivia Williams as Eleanor Roosevelt at [ profile] oliviawilliams. One of the pics also have Laura Linney, so... there. It's members-locked, though. But... yeah. There are a few new articles (written by her) in the comm to, so check it out.

+ Reed Diamond was a giant pink bunny last Halloween. This is here, because I don't have ~real modly update for the RD comm. Lol. (unless you're into H:LoTS, here's the rest of the HQ H:LoTS cast pics)

+ I leave you be with a vid featuring Fran and Dichen

Part 2

I will now go and wonder if I should start watching American Horror Story or Once Upon a Time
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26 September 2011 @ 12:16 pm
I don't know what this is, but I made a desktop wp of it and it's pretty  

tumblr link

I really don't know what this is.
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20 September 2011 @ 10:28 pm
Hurrah for beautiful people!  

tumblr linky

IDEK anymore (most probably part 1 of many parts... thank you to [ profile] illusory_thrill for pointing me to the direction of these wonderful wonderful pictures) ♥
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22 July 2011 @ 11:59 am
Oh, my heart. I'm so bored  
Anybody want to try out this Multi-fandom Suit & Uniform Kink Meme. Alias, Dollhouse, BSG... anyone? Anyone?

Ooh, RD twitpic'ed something Dollhouse-related. Haha vintage Dollhouse stuff

In law school news, I was disappointed with my grade for Consti 1, but all is well. I think.

Oh, oh, and I'm like, 500 words into my [ profile] het_bigbang fic. haha.
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20 July 2011 @ 02:23 pm

That is all.
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28 June 2011 @ 10:58 am
Franklin and Bash - 1.04 mini gifspam  

So, Franklin and Bash put a pool table inside Damien's office and held a party and made sure that when they get caught, they'd have a reason for it (erm, Damien's ~50th surprise birthday was not his birthday. Nor was he fifty). Anywho, Damien tells everybody to go back to work and Franklin, in response, tells Damien that in their battle to woo Hanna, he's pulling ahead of him (Damien) because he (Franklin) knows how to have fun.

Damien responds with his "O RLY" face and borrows Bash's guitar.

4 gifs inside where Damien shows off his guitar skillz )
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24 June 2011 @ 11:18 am
Gifspam: The Sexy Dance (+ 3 other non-sexy dance gifs)  

the jete was really excellent )

+ The Sexy Dance is here

+ I will be uploading these on Tumblr. Either here or here (I'll most probably post them in both)

+ And have you supported your local Dollhouse? (Leave a comment that says, "I Support Team Dollhouse". Pretty please?)

+ That is all. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.
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12 June 2011 @ 12:45 pm
Franklin and Bash - 1.02 Minispam (aka, a Reed Diamond picspam)  

And yes, I really only watch this show for Reed Diamond, Malcolm McDowell and one a few guest stars (Tricia Helfer's gonna guest star. lol)

there 4 gifs too )
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10 June 2011 @ 11:57 pm
This is it. I'm insane, definitely, like whoa.  
fuck yeah, reed diamond!

What had possessed me to do this? I don't know. Maybe 2 hours of sleep, 100 cases and a sore throat? Or maybe my dream last night where I made an fyeah tumblr for Reed before I was chased by Albert Martinez's character in that horror movie of his, but with better hair. IDK anymore.

The tumblr's a bit bare... since I only made it thirty minutes ago. lol.
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03 May 2011 @ 04:36 pm
Random googling, ftw!  
According to the Franklin and Bash website cast bios, Reed's going to be in this movie with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill called Moneyball (which is apparently written by Aaron Sorkin?). I'm inclined to believe it since it's from the TNT website but at the same time--

--misspelling Joss Whedon's name + the title of Dollhouse makes me feel that it retracts from its legit-ness. For serious. Who the hell is Joss Wheedon (...anything that starts with the word "whee" is just a fun suggestion. Like the Constitution and "Whee the People.")? What is this show called Doll House? Is it about a house of dolls? WHAT? WHY CAN'T PEOPLE DOUBLE CHECK THINGS? THERE'S GOOGLE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Anywhoo, I'm googling about the movie, and all I've been seeing are Brad Pitt things and a review of the early version of the movie. I think the targeted date for the movie premiere is on September 23?
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18 April 2011 @ 07:25 pm
Spamming y'all, but that's because I miss the internet so much <3  
I'm fixing the layout and header of the RD community and I'd like to have some input or whatever (IDK anymore). I like it to be gray, just like [ profile] oliviawilliams and [ profile] dewitt_dominic, but... yeah. It's a ~work in progress. (DON'T VIEW IT USING INTERNET EXPLORER WHILE LOGGED OUT. IT WOULD STILL SHOW YOU THE OLD LAYOUT + NO NEW ENTRIES. CRUMMY). SUCCESS! WO0T!

[ profile] reeddiamond [ profile] reeddiamond [ profile] reeddiamond [ profile] reeddiamond [ profile] reeddiamond

The header is for Reed's love of cheese. Lol. IDK. I'M JUST REALLY HUNGRY, OKAY.


I found this while browsing the comm--

Why? Why not?
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11 April 2011 @ 12:27 pm
Fun times  
I've almost forgotten how fun [ profile] dewitt_dominic was. Thank you for reminding me once again why the fandom is so awesome.

Epic DeWitt/Dominic/Olivia/Reed post is epic.

I love you guys. ♥

Also, today's the comm's second anniversary? Will I post something joyous for this occasion? OF COURSE.
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05 April 2011 @ 08:19 pm
I am going bonkers over this interview  
Fandom's distracting me from it all, although I'm thinking that isn't a good sign. My RL friends have also been helping me, though, so all is good. I think.

I'm thinking about making this 50-item (actually, 45-item) Reed Diamond-Olivia Williams-Dewitt/Dominic trifecta of awesome picspam for my tumblr's 2000th post (ambitious Gabe is ambitious). I've already started, making 3 for Reed (caps from Good Night and Good Luck). He looks very pretty in intense black and white... which is the reason why I now have a new desktop wallpaper. trololol

I am also severely tempted to make a Born This Way fanvid starring Veronica Palmer. And also, to re-watch Better Off Ted.
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