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derevko_child ([personal profile] derevko_child) wrote on August 13th, 2013 at 10:46 am
my productivity in fandom is inversely proportionate to my productivity in law school by finals time

tumblr photoset

I've decided to do this "100 posts to 5000" where I make well, 100 fartsy things until I reach 5000 posts on tumblr (I did it once before, but it was just 55 and it took me around 10 years to finish). It would probably be easier this time around because I have several themes, e.g. three "50 pics of person i fangirl", "per episode photoset", etc (etc meaning i am going to make this up as i go along. Although I'm planning to make a list of all romcom-themed DeWitt/Dominic fics and making a picspam out of them idk)

If you're interested in the fartsy things I'm doing: 50 Pics of Caroline Dhavernas | 50 Pics of Reed Diamond | 50 Pics of Olivia Williams | 100 to 5000
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