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these are a lot of words for someone with writer's block aka the scenario meme
Anywho. I love this meme (or maybe it's because someone actually sent me asks to answer, idk man). Also, casually waiting for someone to send in Ted/Veronica.

Put a ship in my ask and I will tell you a bit about how each of the following scenarios would go down for them:
Fake dating
Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it
Secret kinks
Their first kiss
Meeting the parents
Moving in together
A crossover of my choice
An au of my choice
If you like, another trope/scenario of your choice

I don't really know how to answer them, so I made super mini fics, so... here they are.

From [ profile] entwashian: Will/Alana

Most of the answers presume that Will’s all well and out of prison and no more Hannibal Lecter roaming freely to mess with everybody’s minds and make cannibal jokes (unless otherwise provided henceforth)

Fake dating

Will remembers Alana vehemently against the idea of him being put out in the field again, after all the crap Jack allowed him to go through, and undercover no less, but he doesn’t remember who suggested that they go undercover together (“probably dating, probably married?”).

So here they, doing last minute preparations for the fancy cocktail in a hotel a few streets down the block. They decide for a “past dating, almost married” status for the two of them and Alana picks the least ostentatious engagement ring from the bunch given to her. Will shaves his beard, and they managed to get him a well-fitting suit to wear.

There’s a team of FBI agents listening in on their conversation, telling them the back story of every person they encountered and advising them on what to do.

But despite all of that, the quiet moments, the way he looks at her and the way she smiles at him, it all feels like it’s a real date.

And best of all, the FBI will be footing the bill.


Alana doesn’t know what, or how, or who did this, but she takes it all in stride, at least, after the initial panic had subsided. She takes a few deep breaths before calling herself up (she doesn’t know if it would be Will in her body—it might be a worldwide thing, nobody knows) and tries to act like Will but the first few seconds of talking to ‘herself’, she realizes that she’s talking to Will.

Alana feeds the dog and speeds to her house. He’s waiting for her in the front porch, wearing her pink bathrobe. The worry she had about him all throughout the drive lessens when they start to talk about what they’re going to do, (they don’t have any ongoing cases and they’ve decided not to tell anyone about their unusual predicament unless absolutely necessary). She also helps him with her wrap dresses (he picks one of the red ones).

During Will’s last class of the day, Jack arrives to ask help for one of the cases. Alana takes off Will’s eyeglasses, looks Jack directly in the eye and says no.

Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it

The whole FBI Academy was in a biohazard lockdown. There’s something in the air system and no one is allowed to leave the rooms they’re in. He and Alana were the only ones in the break room—she was already in there, checking her papers, while he snuck out of his office avoiding Jack.

The biohazard alert was troublesome, but being with Alana in the room somewhat makes it easier (if they die because of the air, at least he dies with Alana?). He says tries to say something funny to lighten up the mood and he’s rewarded with a grin.

The next thing he knows, his lips are on hers and they’re kissing like there’s no tomorrow. Her hand is tugging at his belt buckle, while he’s busy pulling her dress open. It happens so quickly that there isn’t any time to stop and think. He can’t remember how it happened, but he remembers how soft she was in her arms, the smell of her hair, that little sigh she made when she curled next to him on the floor.

The aftermath was awkward, and even more so when it was explained by the CDC that that “something” in the air system messed with everybody’s inhibitions—majority of the effect was in the violent scale, although there were a few that broached the amorous area (and then there was someone in the cafeteria who ate a month’s supply of pudding)

When asked about the effect of the biohazard on them, Will tells them that nothing happened. He fell asleep, he says. On the other hand, Alana says she tried to break down the door and in the process broke a nail.

Nobody says anything about Alana’s mussed-up hair or that red mark on Will’s neck.


Alana knows what Hannibal was and what he was capable of even before she referred to him as Will’s psychiatrist. She knew what Hannibal would do to someone like Will—someone with pure empathy. Hannibal Lecter would try to create a man like himself (and what kind of man that is, she can’t possibly comprehend) and to be able to accomplish that, he would need to break Will.

Hannibal tried to destroy her once. She fought back when she realized what he was doing. He hasn’t killed her yet—he’s saving that for a special occasion. It’s the reason why she had Jack present Will to him like a lamb to slaughter. She’s buying herself time. She’s going to destroy Hannibal Lecter first.

Will just needs to be stronger than she is and hold on to what’s little left of his sanity.

Secret kinks

When he was younger, there were times when he wouldn’t know if his desires are his own or someone else’s. It was very easy to get swept up with the excitement, especially when they were horny teenagers.

The difficulty to differentiate his emotions from others led to badly-ended relationships (he supposes it’s because he essentially becomes a mirror to his partner and some don’t like seeing their reflection). As he grew older, he learned to control this unfortunate ability and it only took a year in an asylum for the criminally insane (for something he didn’t do) to figure out how to do it completely. Stability can be found in an asylum. Who knew?

Now, he’s happier than he’s ever been and having the mental stability that he’s never had for a long time.

Sometimes (just sometimes), however, he’d feel the urge to get into people’s heads. He’d end up in a bar, talking to the bartender, or to the man left by his significant other. He’d stay for a few hours, and by the time he leaves, he would have felt all ranges of emotions. The drive back home will clear his head.

It serves no purpose but to remind himself that he’s different. And no matter how much stability he’ll have in his life, he’d always be different.

Their first kiss

Technically speaking, their first kiss was the one in Will’s house where he imagined a raccoon in his chimney.

Their other first kiss happened a few weeks after the FBI released Will due to new evidence in the case excluding him as the killer. Alana went to his house, bringing some treats for the dogs. The biggest dog, Teddy, knocks him off his feet from excitement and Will slips on the floor.

He starts laughing as she helps him stand up, and jokes that the dogs love her more than they love him. Nonsense, she tells him, they love the treats more than they love both the two of them.

And the way she said it made him feel all aflutter, and something probably changed in his face because she – the one who thinks too much, the one who’s always inside her head – kisses him first, and they don’t stop until they couldn’t breathe.

Meeting the parents

It was two days before Christmas and Alana’s parents decided that they were going to fly in to Baltimore since Alana’s been busy at work. They tell her this the night before, of course, and she had to figure out who’s going to fetch her parents in the airport and how she’s going to prepare the guest room when she’s barely at home.

Will volunteers to fetch her parents. What her parents forgot to mention is that Alana’s three brothers and their respective families were also on the same flight (it was a surprise).

Moving in together

Alana spends more time in Will’s house than her own house, but they only realize that Alana has effectively moved in when she drives back to Will’s house to get some clothes for work.

A crossover of my choice

It was a five-year experimental treatment. Will had initially wanted to sign up and let others take care of his problem, but even though Rossum’s one of the best when it comes to medicine, it just sounds too good to be true.

An AU of my choice

Alana Bloom, Private Investigator and her occasional psychic sidekick, Will Graham.

From Anonymous: DeWitt/Dominic

Fake dating

She doesn’t know when the rumours first started about the two of them being together, and although Adelle would try not to fuel the fires of speculation, she uses them to discourage the unwanted advances of the other heads of houses during Rossum’s bi-annual corporate functions.

And Mr. Dominic plays his part well, standing beside her and glaring at everyone who dares to come within three feet of her. It’s just like any other day, except they’re standing too close that her hand would brush up against his more than usual and there are a lot more “sorry’s” due to the shoulder bumping.

When he was done scaring everybody away, they stand in one corner of the room and watch everybody make a fool of themselves then scurry back to their room when everybody would be too drunk to notice them leaving


It was all Topher’s fault, really. He was doing an unsanctioned experiment (“Portable chair! Not a porta-potty more like my-imprinting chair-small-enough-to-fit-in-your-pocket, portable chair!” says Topher in Kilo’s tiny voice) and managed to put everybody in everybody else’s body. It was a proximity thing, Topher says. Which was why Topher ended up in Kilo’s body (“…she volunteered.”) while he ended up in Adelle’s and Adelle in his.

Pandemonium reigned in the Dollhouse facility – Actives in handler’s bodies, women in men’s bodies, men in women’s bodies, Franklin in Echo’s body – until DeWitt orders everybody to calm the fuck down.

Topher was ordered to rectify this situation immediately. He, on the other hand, ensured that despite all of mindswapping brouhaha, the security of the facility hasn’t been compromised.

Other than this unfortunate science mistake, everything goes smoothly. However, DeWitt (as him) had to ask Judith to, “get Ms. DeWitt a pair of slippers.” Because he can’t, for the life of him, manage to walk in heels without tripping and falling.

Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it

It was Topher’s fault once again. Granted, this one is a sanctioned experiment but Adelle has no idea how said experiment ended up in the ventilation system of the Dollhouse. She and Dominic were in the private elevator on the way to the facility when the elevators stopped (due to the biohazard alarm).

They were stuck in the elevator and there was something in the air, and Adelle almost ripped off Dominic’s perfectly tailored shirt from his torso. And when the ventilation system cleared itself up, Adelle went home without her pantyhose and a few buttons from her blouse in her bag.

That fateful day in the LA Dollhouse is remembered as the day when everybody turned into a sex-crazed addict (no one talks about it, and no video evidence of it was ever found)


Laurence Dominic knew that the Attic would be filled with his worst nightmare but he didn’t know that killing Adelle DeWitt over and over again would be his worst nightmare.

Secret kinks

Two words: elevator sex.

Their first kiss

The kiss came in the midst of a fiery argument. She had a little too much to drink and he was very angry and they were arguing about the end of the world and why it was a bad idea to leave the city when everybody’s killing each other outside. They don’t know if she kissed him to shut him up or if it was the other way around, but she tasted like bourbon and he tasted of bitterness and they clung to each other with such utter desperation that for a moment, it felt like they weren’t in the middle of an apocalypse.

Meeting the parents

There was a conference in London that he and DeWitt attended. On their last day, she had asked him (almost hesitantly) to accompany her somewhere and he said yes, no questions asked.

She buys a bouquet of fresh flowers before hailing a cab. He doesn’t ask who the flowers are for, or where they’re going and they spend the entire cab trip in relative silence.

She tells the cab to wait when they reached their destination. He follows her down a stone path and he watches her as she stops and slowly lays the flowers on her parents’ graves.

Moving in together

DeWitt absolutely refused the security detail he had assigned to her even though there was a threat to her life, so he decided that he would be her security detail whether she likes it or not (it’s not a matter of being unafraid of Adelle DeWitt; it’s more of who’s the more obstinate person between the two of them).

He moves in the guest room. They split up the cooking and cleaning duties, and every night before going to bed, Dominic would go around the house, checking the security system (DeWitt merely rolls her eyes at his paranoia).

The threat was neutralized on the fifth week, when Dominic manages to shoot down a man threatening to blow himself up in front of the house, while he was out getting the morning paper.

A crossover of my choice

There was somebody inside his apartment and Dominic was more than ready to shoot the intruder but he put his gun away when he sees the redhead sitting in his living room.

He tells Natasha that she shouldn’t even be in Los Angeles. Nevertheless, he offers her a drink and casually mentions that Barton is doing fine and that she should stop worrying.

An au of my choice
I linked some of my AU fics but you get all of them because i love you guys more

Someone sent Evy/Rick from the Mummy so, I'll post that here when I'm done with that. Heh
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