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derevko_child ([personal profile] derevko_child) wrote on December 1st, 2010 at 06:08 pm
Look at this! Fox actually made a badass trailer for FRINGE!

linky, in case embed doesn't work

In other news,

What I liked:

- The Brittany/Artie scenes were cute, but it's a little bit disconcerting because the writing's inconsistent. But Brittany = always precious.

- Mike Chang and Brittany S. Pierce's dance during Valerie. JUST. AWESOME.

What I hated:

- The entire show's a fucking train wreck. Rachel's like, an irrational bitch, but MY GOD. The double standard is just infuriating. The writing is just so inconsistent, it makes my brain hurt.

- Yeah, and with the writing, the characters just feel like they have multiple personality disorders.

- Will didn't come off as supportive; he came off sleazy and only concerned about winning. He was so annoying the entire time.

- Rachel doesn't need Finn; Rachel needs herself. And if she isn't being appreciated by the glee club, then she should look for a place where she will be appreciated. And let her talent bloom.

- Where the fuck was Sue?

As I said, I watch the show for the singing and dancing.
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