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Masterlist: Fanfiction, Icons, Wallpapers and Fanmixes

09. A Murder-Free Dinner
(Irina Derevko, Jack Bristow; post s5; pg-13)
For the Happy Shiny Ficathon - prompt: like a date, but with more murder

08. Price of the Fates
(Sydney Bristow, Michael Vaughn, Julian Sark; post s5; pg-13)
There were times when she’d wish that she could go back and change some things, even though she knew that it would never happen. Be careful what you wish for.
one | two | three | four | five

07. Break Away
(Katya Derevko, Marcus Dixon; Set between Syd's missing two years; Katya/Dixon; pg-13)
Challenge: Crack Pairings

06. Self-Defense
(Kelly Peyton; Pre-S5; pg-13)
Challenge: Recruitment

05. Reflection
(Laura Roslin, Irina Derevko; BSG - post 2x13, Alias - S4; pg-13)
Challenge: Crossovers

04. Dream a Harmless Dream
(Jack Bristow; Post S3; hints of Jack/Irina; pg-13)
Challenge: Dreams and Nightmares

03. Whir and Buzz
(Jack Bristow, Irina Derevko; Post S5; Jack/Irina; pg-13)
Challenge: What If?

02. Coincidence
(Francie Calfo, Julian Sark; Pre-2x13; Francie/Sark; pg-13)
Challenge: Crack Pairings

01. 11 O'Clock, Tick Tock
(Irina Derevko; Pre-series; pg)
Challenge: U2 Song Titles


02. Let Them Eat Cake
(ensemble; s2)
For AU Bingo - prompt: Alternate History: someone never died

01. The Invisible KOALA, the Poisonous Mushroom, and the Only (Two) Sane Man in the Room
(A Better Off Ted/Dollhouse crossover)
(BoT Ensemble, Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic; pg-13)
Ted convinces Veronica to attend a business luncheon with Rossum Corporation and gets shocked when she meets their Rossum counterparts. Phil and Lem worry about their invention that got loose.

◊ - The Juliet Series
♠ - The Senator's Son Series
† - Head!People AU

30. Fighter
(Laurence Dominic, Adelle DeWitt, Boyd Langton, OCs; AU; pg-13 for violence)
“Violence is man re-creating himself.” - Frantz Fanon

29. There was a time you had it made (everything was going your way)
(Laurence Dominic, Juliet/Adelle DeWitt, Roger!Victor; s1 AU; pg-13)
Okay, maybe this is the time to stop asking questions. The flimsy explanation that all Actives are volunteers is being blown out of the water every time she answers his questions. He doesn’t need this. Not now.

28. Guys like him don't die easily
(Laurence Dominic, ensemble; AU; pg-13)
For AU Bingo - prompt: Free box-- alternate history: canon event changed

27. A Chance Encounter
(Adelle DeWitt, Prewett!Laurence Dominic; AU; pg-13)
She never expected to see him again— it’s the sole reason why she’s presently flabbergasted (and no, it isn’t because of the observation that he seems to be very dashing in a tuxedo)
For scifiland's Love, Actually challenge

26. Thinking Just One Second Longer
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence DOminic, Echo; AU; pg-13)
For AU Bingo - prompt: Alternate History: canon event changed

25. The Senator's Son
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic; AU; pg-13)
For AU Bingo - prompt: Alternate History: Personal life of character changed

24. Head/Heart
(Adelle DeWitt; pg-13)
For the Doomed Ships Ficathon - prompt: you did not think when you sent me to the brink

23. We Slay Dragons Together
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic; E1-E2 'verse; pg-13)
For the Shiny Happy Ficathon - prompt: Well, we don't need the devil // Now we've got each other // We don't need a storm // When we're making our own thunder

22. The Proposal (co-written with [ profile] just_drifting_6)
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic, several mentions of characters; DeWitt/Dominic; pg-13)
Never in a million years did Adelle DeWitt imagine that she would be put in a situation that eerily resembles the start of a few romantic comedies in the recent years.

21. A Very Amazing Race
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic. Mentions of Phil Myman, Lem Hewitt, Peter and Walter Bishop, Sue Sylvester, Will Schuester, Alec Hardison and Spencer Eliot; pg-13)
For Whedonland's Crossover challenge: Adelle DeWitt and Laurence Dominic compete in the Amazing Race

20. Ebb and Flow
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic; AU; pg-13)
In a world where the frail human body has been traded for the promise of virtual immortality, and humanity lives in the ones and zeroes of the Ebb, Madam Adelle DeWitt finds herself inexplicably drawn to the artificial intelligence that keeps her House of Dolls secure. Such ideas are not to be entertained by a woman of her stature - the man is a glorified firewall. But after a series of attacks by anarchists, Madam Dewitt begins to wonder, is Dominic really just lines of code?

19. WHEDONLAND20in20
(ensemble; pg-13)
Themes | One Character (Laurence Dominic) | Author's Choice

18. And Then I Fall Asleep
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic, Topher Brink; E1-E2 'verse; pg-13)
After Mr. Dominic leaves, she’ll go back to Topher’s room and rest.

17. Storyteller
(Topher Brink, T, Adelle DeWitt, Priya Tsetsang; pg-13)
Topher tells a story to T

16. The Start of A Smashing Adventure
(Adelle DeWitt, Topher Brink, Laurence Dominic; AU; pg-13)
For whedonland's 'These Are A Few' Challenge. Dollhouse characters in the setting of The Mummy (1999)

15. Counting Up My Demons
(Laurence Dominic, Adelle DeWitt; s1 AU; DeWitt/Dominic; pg-13)
She can’t remember who she is, but she remembers enough snippets of her life – the smell of cigar clinging to her father’s coat, the pride she felt when she graduated top of her class, the sweet smile of the boy she once loved – to know with certainty that she definitely isn’t a Juliet.

14. It's Not Easy Being Green (or Being Judith)
(Judith, Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic, Topher Brink; entire series; pg-13)
She’s the Queen of Gossip, no doubt about it. That little frame of hers is jam-packed with all sorts of gossip in the Dollhouse. But if you’re looking for gossip about Adelle DeWitt, you’re looking at the wrong person.

13. Bad Fanfiction Starring Adelle DeWitt and Lawrence Dominick (They would so disapprove)
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic; pg-13)
For whedonland's bad!fanfiction challenge; with matching bad! fan-art

12. Everything's Not Lost
(Laurence Dominic, Juliet!Adelle DeWitt; s1 AU; pg-13)
He makes it sound so… normal. It’s as if the person (can they still be considered a person, at this point?) he’s looking for isn’t a fully grown (and rather ridiculously good-looking) woman who acts like a five-year-old minus the tantrums and curiosity, and programmed to trust him with her life.

11. Five Alternate Universes
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic, Topher Brink, Echo, Priya Tsetsang, Alpha/Carl William Craft, Paul Ballard; DeWitt/Dominic, brief mentions of Tony/Priya; pg-13)
Five Dollhouse alternate universes starring Adelle DeWitt and Laurence Dominic (sort of)

10. 4 Drabbles
(Adelle DeWitt, Claire/Whiskey, Topher Brink, Laurence Dominic; pg-13)
100 words: Post ASiTHoL | 200 words: Memories | 200 words: Sunrise | 100 words: Post-Epitaph 2

09. You Will Not Laugh At Surivorman
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic; DeWitt/Dominic; pg-13)
As the plane spirals out of control, the only thought running in Adelle DeWitt’s mind is that they were all going to die a fiery, horrible death.

08. And no one knew where, or how my pain throbbed
(Adelle DeWitt, head!Dominic, Boyd Langton, Topher Brink, Echo; pg-13)
She has always considered her imaginary Laurence Dominic as just that— imaginary.

07. We Came by Night to the Fortunate Isles And Lay Like Fish
(Laurence Dominic, Adelle DeWitt, Echo, Clyde Randolph; Spoilers for 2x10; hints of DeWitt/Dominic; pg-13)
"Reality is a hallucination brought on by lack of alcohol." - unknown

06. Evaluation Day
(Adelle DeWitt, head!Dominic, Boyd Langton, Topher Brink; hints of DeWitt/Dominic; pg-13)
Countless tales have been told about men falling asleep and upon waking, discover that years have passed and the world has changed without them. This might be one of them.

05. If you Forget Me
(Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic; Spoilers up to 2x04; DeWitt/Dominic; pg-13)
He isn't real. She knows he isn't real

04. Though This Be The Last Pain She Makes Me Suffer
(Laurence Dominic; Spoilers for S1; hints of DeWitt/Dominic; pg-13)
He slept through World War III. Now, he’s awake and they need his help.

03. Enemies of My Soul, Conspirators in Pajamas (An Epic Alias-Dollhouse Crossover)
(Sorta ensemble; Spoilers for S1 (Dollhouse) and Season 5 (Alias); DeWitt/Dominic, Jack/Irina; pg-13)
A new client arrives at the Dollhouse. But who he asks for the engagement seems to defeat the purpose of his visit.
2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | epilogue

02. There's Still Tomorrow
(Adelle DeWitt, Alpha, Laurence Dominic; Pre 1x09; hints of DeWitt/Dominic; pg-13)
Alpha finds a way to get inside the Dollhouse.

01. The Woman With Sad Green Eyes
(Laurence Dominic; Post 1x09; hints of DeWitt/Dominic; pg-13)
They say that everyone sent to the Attic will go mad. But he’s not like everyone.


01. The Treasure Planet Job
(ensemble; AU; pg-13)
For AU Bingo - prompt: Future - In Space!!!


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